What makes Axiom Advantage different?

Here are a few reasons our clients choose us.

Mobile & Online

We don’t believe you should have to take time out of your day to visit some swanky accountant’s office, that’s a thing of the past. We value our clients and the real relationships we build with them which is why we’re happy to come to you. We’ll visit you wherever you’re comfortable – at your business premises, your home office, or your favourite cafe, or virtually – it’s your choice. Visiting your business in person gives us a deeper understanding of the environment and challenges you face every day. Armed with this knowledge, we’ll be better equipped to provide relevant advice that drives your business forward. We are Melbourne-based, but with technology we can work with you wherever you are – in Victoria, Australia, and even in the world.


We know that business owners are busy. Between running a business, managing staff, and dealing with customers, there’s hardly any time left for yourself. We understand and are accommodating to the needs of our clients.

Fixed Fees

Many accountants are stuck running their firms the old way and still bill by the hour. This is filled with problems, including the incentive for the accountant to take longer to complete your work, boosting their own revenue without a focus on value for the small business owner!

At Axiom Advantage, we do accounting the way it should be. We use a fixed fee system where your fees are agreed upfront. A monthly direct debit will be set up which means you can forecast and manage your cashflow much easier. With Axiom Advantage, you won’t have to worry about nasty surprises when your next accounting bill comes in!

With our flexibility and understanding of small business owners, we also offer email and telephone support in our fixed fee packages.

Cloud Accounting

Modern cloud accounting technology has been a game changer for small business owners. It automates those painful accounting, bookkeeping and operational processes, saving you precious time. Cloud accounting is designed to make life easier. It’s securely encrypted, gives you access to real time data and is available anytime, anywhere. We’re Certified Partners with Xero and can get you set up in no time.


We help business owners to find solutions to the cash flow squeeze, regain direction and kick their goals! With over three decades of accounting experience under our belt, we’ve got the expertise to guide business owners through every stage of their journey. We can help with all aspects of business to help you realise the 3 freedoms:

  • mind freedom – reduce stress & worry
  • time freedom – reduce the hours your business needs you; and
  • financial freedom – more money!

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